Our Guide to Voting Abroad in the 2021 Federal Election

What address/riding can I register in?
You should use the last address you lived in Canada.  If this not possible, use an address where you have significant ongoing ties such as family.

Where can I find my riding and my candidate’s name?
You must write the first and last name of your candidate on your ballot.  Do not write “Conservative Party” or “Erin O’Toole” (unless you happen to be voting in Durham!).

The Conservative Party of Canada has a convenient way to search for your riding and candidate here.

Elections Canada also maintains a page to find your riding and candidate here.

Will this affect my tax status in Canada?
No it will not.  CCA has received a qualified attorney’s opinion that voting from abroad will not affect your tax status in Canada. It does not make you ‘resident’. 

I have been away for more than 5 years, can I vote?
Yes, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that all Canadians living overseas can vote, no matter how long they have been away from Canada. 

Additional FAQs on voting from Elections Canada found here.
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